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About WEHIUS.COM - service for real Internet solutions

WEHIUS is an Internet services, which is changing the approach for building web sites, Internet and Intranet portals and other Internet-technology based solutions.
Currently most of them are done based on usage of traditional CMS (Content Management Systems), which are typically installed on each host, which serves the requests, coming from your visitor web browsers or from other IT systems, which are using your services. This basically means, that each request is first processed by some CMS modules and only after this your targeted business logic is running and result content is generated.

In our approach we have moved out all non-business capabilities out from your environments and let them spend resources only for visitor requests processing

Such approach gives you unlimited flexibility in constructing your Internet solution in efficient, secure and scalable way as well as gives you some more key advantages:
  • no dependency on CMS architecture and it's core capabilities - everything is limited only with the technology, which is used on your side;
  • single point of management of your entire solution environment;
  • possible you use any level of hosting - from simple Virtual Hosting up to dedicated server farms;
  • easily implementable "develop - test - use" cycle on your independent environments;
  • no CMS licensing per server and no each CMS instance upgrade procedures;
  • ... and more
Read more information about our architecture and approach.